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# 1 Correct number of crew
08-04-2011, 12:19 AM
Mkay so I was watching Charlie X and Kirk says the Enterprise has 430 crew members onboard the ship. Well I noticed that TOS Constitution Class only has 100 and 3 bridge slots. Shouldn't the ships in the game have the exact specifications that they do in the tv shows and movies? Like for instance the Miranda Class has both aft and forward torpedo bays but in the game you can really only use the forward torpedo launcher. Cryptic could go onto to really help them design the interiors for each ship class.

Actually, screw it. Imma give em the exact number of crew for each class ship that I can give em.

NX: 83
Constitution: 430
Constitution Refit: 432
Excelsior: 750
Ambassador: 700
Oberth: 80
Miranda: 26-360
Nebula: 750
Akira: 500
Olympic: 750
Defiant: 50
Intrepid: 150-200