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08-04-2011, 02:23 AM
Originally Posted by xCptWagnerx View Post
I think that we in Sto need a Miranda Class Refit. Not a VA lvl Miranda, but a Commander lvl one would do just fine. As another escort. This ship was used so much that its kinda sad that its only a beginning lvl ship. And that the Constitution class was ranked higher than it. When the Miranda can out gun and out run the Constitution class.
You're probably referring to Spock's comment in Star Trek 2 "She can still outrun us and outgun us."
That was after the two ships had exchanged fire at the beginning of the movie.
And we know Enterprise could not fire more than a few shots at Reliand because they had just the batteries left.
So Reliant was less damaged than Enterprise, that's why.
Also the Saber seems to be a worthy successor, being about as modern as the Sovereign and the same size as the Miranda.
So why would you want a refit?
I'd rather hae an uprated Saber with an agility closer to the BoP.
It would also be more credible than the T5 Defiant.