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Originally Posted by Commander_Knuhteb
Unless you can provide a link to the forum thread that mentions CBS saying these exact words, please refrain from acting like a administrator. Thanks. This game already isn't canon because it follows JJ Abraham's movie plot, so the ships that ultimately end up in game don't have be canon. In any case, I will be invoking canon to justify a higher tier NX-01 or Connie (stage lights focus on me as the crowd goes quiet).
Well, as much as it pains me to call that crap "plot", that Abrahams movie actually IS canon. So not following that so called "plotline" makes the game non canon... the simple fact that the game is a GAME makes it non canon.
And there are already tons on non-canon-vessels and canon violations....

Originally Posted by CaptPeacemaker
I don't recall seeing any Constitution-class starships still in service during the time of TNG or fighting in the Dominion War. Obviously, the Excelsior-class is a proven design that Starfleet has chosen to keep in service.
As far as I know the "offscreen" reasons for that are simple: The Model used for the Movies was broken. They intendet to show Constitutions multible times, the Picards "Stargazes" is the most famous example for a ship that was supposed to be one.
That doesnt make it canon that there ARE Constitution class ships in later times, but I believe the fact that the producers WANTET to show those in this time raises the credibility.

And a good old rule is: That fact that we didnt SEE it doesnt mean it wasnt there.

Originally Posted by CaptPeacemaker
That is true, I remember seeing the engineering section floating in space after the battle. This was however, just one ship. Its possible that it may have been one of the last in service. We saw lots of Excelsior-class ships during TNG, and during the Dominion War.
Possible, but its also possible that they are still regulary in service. It even may be a Museum or traing ship quickly drawn to 359 to power up the defenses with every means.
Every conclusion is just speculation, and no conclusion is canon.

Originally Posted by DaveyNY View Post
This particular request is going to keep coming up over and over again until They either finally put a T-5 into the game, or everybody that loves that particular design and wants to use it through more of the game...,

Originally Posted by superchum View Post
The IP was degraded the moment they allowed the TOS constitution to be flown in the first place. And allow everyone to dress up in hodge podge out of era uniforms.

You land in Spacedock and see people wearing a rainbow of uniforms that don't even come close to the uniformity that starfleet displayed in the shows.

Allowing someone to fly any old ship they like at the end-game is no different than letting someone wear any old uniform, including villainous Mirror Universe uniforms, at end-game.

I simply don't understand why it's ok to run around in a MU bikini top, but not ok to do so from the bridge of a TOS Constitution with a slightly more interesting BOFF layout than it has at T1.

Canon integrity? They tossed that out the airlock in beta.

As I stated, if players keep asking for it (and they will), there's a pretty good chance it can and will be changed.
Thats basicly it.
I mean just remember the fact that they still call our clothes "uniform".... Last time I checked uniform didnt mean "every one wears what ever he wants", and like you I dont see a real diffrence between a guy in TOS uniform with a TOS phaser shooting a guy with modern stuff and uniform and... a Connie beating a Souvereign.
But I believe thats not a bad thing. After all its more about fun. There are fans of all series and time periodes, so everyone can play out as that what HE likes best in Star Trek.... or some selfcreatet. So why not?
I thing I would have left the game a longt time ago without that level of costumisation (and IMO its still not enough).
That limitations that several very famous ships are kep low tier isnt consistent with the rest of the game.

So yes, it was said "t5 connie wont happen", but MAY BE they consider that once. I remember "Smaller doors" and "Moving wings" werent supposed to happen eighter.