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08-04-2011, 03:03 AM

I got stuck with some other stuff and could not even properly formaulte my idea as well I wanted to.
So here goes:

My proposal would be to give both factions ships with command functions bat make them fundamentally different.
Starfleet would go for large ships that can support an entire theater with their advanced sensor and communications capabilites.
I'm thinking about some kinf of command center function that could easily be implemented on ships like the Galaxy class, where we've seen something similar in episodes like "Yesterday's Enterprise" where the conference room was obviously not a conference room any more.
The Federation version would work like "Dampening Field" by buffing the ships around the Command vessel.
The could gain a bonus to their accuracy for example, benefiting from the enhanced sensors the command vessel has and possibly also a slight defense bonus since the command ship could use its sensors to provide a bit of "white noise jamming" to the fleet.
The "Anti-carrier" ship stats could be used as a basis and that ship could be use altogether when the proposed special function were replaced the this command bonus idea.

In contrast I don't think the Klingons would put such functions on their larger ships (the upcoming flagship or the carriers) but got for a squad approach.
Given they operate in "Wolfpacks" and probably have more faith in their commanders to react to a fluid battle situation since they are litereally closer to the issue they'd put such functions on a different vessel, leaving more room on their larger ships for more firepower and armor.

So my idea would be to create a variant of the Raptor with enhanced sensors and comminucations systems allowing it to provide leadership functions to thos around it.
Radius would be enough for 5 ships in addition to the lead ship (I call "King Raptor") to be affected.
Unlike other buffs like "Dampening Field" I offset it to the rear (I hope something like that is possible) so the lead ship is at the front of the formation.

Please keep in mind that space and buffs are 3-d meaning there would be a ship "above" and another "below".

So for this to work a Raptor would have to be physically modifed to contain the systems required.
I presume the Klingons might consider such a system after the problems Starflllet encountered in the Battle for DS9 where the Dominion jammed the Starfllet ships.
This solution would allow the lead ship to at least punch through jamming at close range and therefore advise and buff ships in immediate proximity.
Physical alterations would be simple: a wider neck section to contain the new systems.
hanges to the ships combat stats would be
+10 to weapons, +10 to Aux
a minro increase in hullpoints
different inertia (50?)
a reduced turnrate (2 points)
turnrate not entirely offest by the increase in HP

This has several reasons:
Balance (paying in agility rather than a console)
accounting for the added load
and the simple fact that when the leader turns, the others have to be able to react and keep in formation so they need to be a bit more maneuverable to do so
Bonus on the Klingon side would be plus to critical chance and critical severity.

In case of both ships, the bonus would be depending on Aux power.

Klingon bonus would have a smaller AoE but greater effect on allies
Starfleet version would encompass a greater area (meaning more ships) while bringin less bonus