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08-04-2011, 03:06 AM
Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
Ya its cool to get some diffrent ideas on things. Like I was saying I honestly think the classes and the ships are very well balanced one on one. The issue I think ends up being the stacking of buffs. DMG buffs can be stacked to crazy heights... and even still a good team will Pile heals on a target.... honestly if you do the math in some of the higher end games... there is literally 200k in dmg heading to one target in 5 seconds, sometimes less... and there are teams that can still catch that kinda spike and heal it... and you see a target that will have 3 Hazards... an engi team... a couple TSS... mabey even an extend shields... and likely someone popped a sci fleet. lol

IMHO anyway.... if Cryptic next patch did what every other mmo in the world did and make NO buffs stack... meaning that the best version applys and thats it. So if you have a Hz 3 and a Hz1 on you only the Hz 3 applys.
Like wise for tac teams and tac fleets... and aux to sifs.... and everything else that can stack. The game would be much more balanced. After that they could look into diminishing return values for things like shield resists... and tac buffs. Running more then one skill that effects a system should help... but there needs to be less upside to popping off every single skill you have all at once.

Baby steps though... remove stacking of same type first.
Like when BTSS3 was stackable, and they (wow i never knew they can make it) fixed the stacking on that. So maybe its not hard to do the same with the other skills.