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08-04-2011, 04:18 AM
That depends, is the pie Blackberry and Apple? If not, I'll probably go with the cake...

Just thought I'd drop by so you don't have to keep talking to yourself. The recent Shuttle Wars PvE was most enjoyable and taking on battleships and dreadnoughts in a Captain's Yacht can actually be quite a challenge, particularly if you get separated from your group - I was grateful for a couple of heals I received from a friendly cruiser in one of those encounters.

Since your post appeared to drop like a stone in water, I can only assume that the majority of PvE players aren't interested in the challenge of getting out of their big ships and taking on the enemy when you're at a dis-advantage, which is a shame because the extra challenge makes it fun, at list it does for me.

Still think the Shuttle Wars PvP was better though.