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08-04-2011, 03:43 AM
Originally Posted by Dassem_Ultor
Hull resists are so weak now... Even for a short period of time it is hard to keep it above 50%. That means that one volley of quantum HYT3 to the hull can easily take out 30-40k. (3 torps of 20k+ each) A well buffed shield on the other hand, can be hit with just about anything without showing the slightest sign of stress... :p
yeah but the offensive buffs and the debuffs making those crits that silly high if im right.

And yeah shield is tought, but cpb and tachyon beam (and almost every match there are 2 guys who using em) making it worthless.
And then you are right, you get all the debuffs, and alphas so even 60% what will be around 0% will not help you
So as Husanak said, the stacking need to be solved first. But still the FOMM+beta or Sensor Scan or/and beta is still to high imo (maybe the alpha+tact fleet o/a omega too).
And 1 debuff at a time, like 1st SS, then FOMM, then beta? I dont think that Cryptic is capable to make it that way.