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08-04-2011, 09:18 AM
I would like to see more of these consoles as well.

Cruisers due to masive size could have Emergency Backup Power. SOmehting like a +10 to Shield and Hull Repair for 10 Seconds.

Escorts Either the Dual Quantums from above or some sort of Strike Team. Sort of like boarding party but better and more instant. With a higher hit chance attached for a limited time.

I like these console ideas. Would there be a way to buy just these consoles, without having to by the ships associated with them, via the c-store or with game currency. I would also like to see something attached to the Crafting under Advanced R&D for Specialized Console/Shuttle/Pet making. Would help expand the crafting in game quite a bit. It seems kind of blah to craft once you max everyting out.