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08-04-2011, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by Hravik
Q: dorko1 I know that the refit is still a touchy subject, but could you guys shed any light on what might happen? I understand that there should be obvious misgivings about the idea of the Constitution class outmatching a vessel 200 yrs new and twice its size, but a replica that's really more of an Excalibur class vessel might be able to add something to the mix.
A: You are correct that it is a touchy subject amongst the community and based on the discussions we've had with CBS about ships, I don't think we're going to put a high-end Constitution Class refit into the game. You can still have a lower tier TOS Connie use the Squad Leader feature to bring their stats up to a higher level, but the odds of an end game Connie refit is a long shot.

From the May Ask Cryptic.

Edit: Its also been asked of dstahl and CapnLogan in a few interviews. The answer is the same every time: extremely unlikely to ever happen.
Thank you!

Very much this. This is not a new topic and it has been discussed in numerous threads. By now we've taken to closing these threads, as the topic really has reached a point where it cannot come to a conclusion other than "no". As much as we hate saying "no" - sometimes that is all that is left.

Sorry, you guys.