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The Vornan colony in the Otha system was annexed by the Klingons over three years ago. They have managed to overthrow their governor and steal a freighter and have sent a message to the Federation asking for their help in maintaining their independence.


The Vornan Rebellion ST-HCUC4UJML
Starfleet wants you to aid the Vornans any way you can and prevent the Klingons from retaking this strategically important planet before a fleet can arrive to hold the system.

The Vornan Uprising ST-HTV8WHFTH
The Empire will not allow the strategically important colony to fall to the Federation. Your orders are to put an end to this rebellion and deal with any Starfleet interference that arises.


A war story, this one has both space and ground combat including a large fleet battle. The same locations are used, but the story plays out differently for each faction.

Enjoy, and please share any feedback!