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Originally Posted by StormyMaverick View Post
I've heard less crying in a preschool nursery. If you believe this implies all of the content whiners are a bunch of crybabies, well, you're right. If you can't talk about the topic of a thread, good etiquette would suggest you not comment at all. That being said, I now return to the actual reason for this thread.

A lot of fleets have come and gone since the inception of this game. I'm sure the reasons are varied, but this article does bring up some good points, although it's not the ONLY way to organize and run a successful fleet. In my opinion, the success of a fleet starts with recruitment and retention. It's what you do to lure members in and what you do to keep those members which makes the difference. Even the most organized fleet which has weak recruitment and retention will not last.
Yo Stormy, whatd up dude, long time no see. You still kicking it with Tavs and Biggie and the other remnants of Fleet 187? I miss those early days of STO when we had epic bridge battles of Fed vs Klinks. Good times. Nice to see ya still playing STO