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Thread name says it all, the UI or HUD really makes the game laggy and lowers (at least my) Framerate considerably.

This is especially notable when you use the keybind to disable the whole HUD, the FPS boosts like crazy.
Now I know this is not related to my Videodrivers, and the game itself without the HUD enabled the game FPS improves rapidly.

Even opening up my Inventory drops FPS like 5 or even 10FPS sometimes, is this normal behavior? Is there SOMEthing we can do to decrease the lag?

Especially in PVP with alot of mines and stuff, Holoships, Scispam, you name it, FPS drops like crazy, and this is mostly related to the HUD/UI graphic overlays on the screen. Even trying to decrease the visuals on the screen (Until you are at a tactical disadvantage) doesnt fix this issue for me.

Is there a way to remove some aspects of the hud or at least minimize it? I know the Chat can be minimized, but thats about it. I cannot remove or minimize my mission list (As a pvper i absolutely dont require it atm) Ofcourse disabling this stuff is more of a temporary solution.

Is there any optimization in this in the forseeable future Cryptic?

Furthermore if I may be criticize about the overlays on ships itself, like the reticles and ship names, is there a way (in the future) to make the fonts/names smaller, make the Reticles itself somewhat less 'noticable'? (aka apply transparency and making the borders thinner or something) Because when im in a battle, and disable the hud/overlays, I fall in love with the game once again, smooth graphics, no crap in the game...

I hope this all gets optimized soon.