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Hey there!

A lot of people have been complaining about the lack of new PvP content lately so I was trying to think of quick and easy (but satisfying) new maps for PvP.

I came up with two related ideas, what about having an "Enemy At The Gates" map for each faction. One map would be the Klingons attacking Earth and ESD, the other would be the Feds attacking Qo'nos and their Station. One reason I thought of this is that the maps ALREADY EXIST!

Both factions can join either instance... either you choose to defend your territory or attack the enemy's. And make it a timed match (30mins or something).

In both maps you can have certain objectives for the attacking faction (IE destroy turret emplacements on the space station; destroy ships under contruction in the orbital shipyards; approach the planet and scan the computer database to steal intel, etc). The attackers have to complete all objectives in the preset timeframe.

The defending faction obviously has to defend until the timer runs out but can also get bonus skill points (or maybe loot... everyone gets an extra uncommon item) by destroying a certain amount of ships in that timeframe. Kill 20 ships - Kill 50 ships, etc.

Finally have a unique accolade / title / unique piece of cosmetic loot for completing either of these maps 10 or 25 times. Maybe a unique floor trophy for your ship? Or a Federation combadge for Kilingons and the Klingon emblem for Federation players?

I think this idea would be well received because:
a) It's a unique game type in a PvP map (not just kill 15 enemies or capture points)
b) It fills a need for more PvP content
c) It might even satisfy people who have been looking for open PvP zones. I know it's not an open zone but it still serves to continue the ongoing story arc that the Federation and Klingon Empire are indeed at war. It even serves as a good time to introduce it since the entire galaxy map has been opened up to all factions.

Again, this can't be hard since the maps are ALREADY THERE! If players could create PvP maps in the Foundry I could probably do it myself! lol (actually that's not a bad idea in itself... allow players to create foundry PvP maps. Have it as one of the first choices when creating a new mission "PvE or PvP map").

Thoughts? Comments?