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08-06-2011, 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by Iamid
Perhaps players who need to feel they have a built in advantage would leave, others may not want to risk their C-Store bling and come to PvP w/base gear, while other would make it a challenge to not lose their C-Store bling. Anyway there's much a much harsher space PvP game (Eve Online) that seems to have a better subrate than STO, so I wouldn't assume it'd ruin PvP. I'm not suggesting STO go that route, just let those who feel the C-Store stuff isn't game breaking put their $ where there mouth is.
First off I am talking this game not another that is completely different than this one, Pvp in this game is hurting anyone that does it knows it now you want to drive away more people that might want to try it out?