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08-06-2011, 09:28 PM
Great post Branix...

End game, I would say that their are multiple possible builds for various ship classes.

I usually fly an engineer in a cruiser.
  • If I am soloing, or pvp'ing in a pug group, then an Assault Cruiser set up for both survivability and dps is a great way to go. There have been many pvp matches that I have been the top or near the top of the damage for the match mostly because I die less often and can sustain my dps. But, if there is a tactical officer in the group and I make it my business to keep him alive... then his damage can be through the roof and significantly higher than mine.
  • But, If I'm a part of a Fleet group or premade group, I tend to fly a Star Cruiser and go for a group support roll, heavy hull and shield healing abilities, as well as survivability. In this setup your goal is not to have high dps, its to enable your teammates to live long enough to destroy your enemies before they can destroy you. This is also a very satisfying roll.
  • An engie in an escort is also a very viable alternative if you want to DPS but have a bit more survivability. The engie has many abilities to make his ship last longer in a fight, but the engie also has abilities that can boost dps. Such as abilities which either increases power to all systems, or reduces the amount of power it takes to run your weapons which can help keep sustained dps high. Engies can also run Directed Energy Modulation which can cause energy weapons to do more hull damage even through shields.

I do have both a max level Tactical officer, and Science officer, and I have max level Klingon's but I tend to come back to my engie in one of the cruisers.

That's my humble input.