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Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
I had this happen to one of my KDF characters ages ago. I did find a way around it, but I'm afraid I tried quite a few things and don't remember exactly what I did that worked.

If you haven't already, try forcing J'mpok to talk to you while physically being next to him through another mission. If you don't have one active, you can take one on replay. You may or may not actually have to complete the mission, but what you want is for him to bring up a mission options choice or a dialog with a back button, and see if he has anything else open because it's possible that it's just the prompt to talk to him initially that got lost.

The only other thing I can think of to try is to log out and exit the game while standing next to J'mpok, and then log back in. The game seems to run more checks for current status when initially logging in and that may trigger/reset something.

Good Luck.
Unfortunately that does not work.
The character should have auto levelled to LG1 once the skill points were spent but it hasn't happened

Originally Posted by Solar_Searcher
If I may make a suggestion, You might want to think about posting that Ticket Number so that if any Info is shared from the Forum to GM's, They can Maintain Continuity with your report and the thread.
Updated initial post with screenshot and ticket number, just in case
They can link my @handle to my tickets though so i don't think that's an issue here, but whatever helps cant hurt