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08-07-2011, 07:27 AM
Originally Posted by Lord-Ice
Oh how you are doing it wrong... let me count the ways...

1: You're a Lt.G in a Varanus. DOING IT WRONG. B'Rel Refit/Garumba or bust.
2: You're turning at full speed. Turning is for half speed, especially for anything that can launch other ships.
3: You don't turn the other way when you're shields failed. You dropped near half hull. My shields almost never go down that far, but I never drop below half hull.
4: All weapons on Autofire. Just plain WRONG. Disruptors, fine, but NEVER, EVER put torpedoes on autofire. EVER.

I took this video shortly before I made this topic. Coincidentally, it's the same mission. THIS is doing it RIGHT in the Maiewski System Assault. Granted, my video recorder (LIKE ALWAYS >.>) sped up the frame rate, but my cooldowns will tell you what you want to know.

And keep an eye on my chat box. I make a few commentaries in there.
The point, you are missing it completely.
w0000000000sh indeed.
PVE is stupid easy, & can be completed with autofire, a book, & a dice on your a key.
Sure, you don't HAVE to do that, but the fact that you can is a problem.
Most of the PVPers realized that a long time ago, that every PVE opponent does the same thing EVERY time you fight it. If I hadn't discovered PVP, i would have left this game after i got my first toon to the level cap.