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08-07-2011, 10:19 AM
Originally Posted by mvs5191 View Post
Aside from omgawesome uber rare Ker'rat drops, Polarons are the only DHCs with cheap CrtH x2, right?

Does anything have CrtH x2 with Acc?
Dunno I dont use CrtH/D that often, I'd like [dmg]x3 for sure!

Well you should check K7 they have some nice purps, but only MK X i think. But i dont think the few less dps is really something you should worry about. I mean, if you wanna go for the best and you personally think CrtHx3 are best (i.e.) you just buy them off exchange or get the money to do so, otherwise take what you can get

But since the uber kerrat drops you can get almost any Weapon from the exchange for (relative) small prices (depending on mark x/xi and the modifiers. Like the CrtH + Acc you mention above...shouldnt be anywhere near above 15M>

Only the very very rare drops with Acc x3 or CrtH x3 or CrtD x3 are usually higher priced, like 30-60M or even above.