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# 24 Fantastic Idea!!!
08-07-2011, 11:09 AM
I love this build. It makes sense with lore and cannon and sounds fun to play. Largely this sounds like a great build for a federation battle carrier or heavy escort carrier. My only problem is that because escorts are so fast I am unsure how useful the broadside will be, badass yes. Usable i'm not sure. As an alternative I would suggest a bond device for a high yield AOE artillery round, like a high yield tricobolt torpedo. It could have maybe a 1 - 3 KM AOE range, a 5 min cooldown and fast moving (can't be shot down) that does 20,000 base kinetic damage, disables for 5 seconds, and does -10 all power levels for 30 secs (due to concussive force), and -700 all shields.