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Am I the only who have noticed a balance issue with the original T5 vessels in that they don't have any special ability? Thus, players tend to favor the newer C-store ships and T5 refits(defiant, galaxy, intrepid). Considering I hate complaining without being constructive here is my proposal to resolve this issue.

Each of these could be offered in the C-store as refits, or as separate devices make though crafting, or as new consoles. I would prefer to see them as bound devices as this will add some much needed relevance to crafting, and does not force people to change their console layouts. You could port them to other ships if you wanted as well. Maybe only allowing one - two power devices per-player.

All of these powers have a root in lore and cannon and I wrote while reading memory alpha pages. I based these off what makes sense for a mixed class (science/tactical or tactical/engineering) vessel, and what would be of most useful for the future territory control game(open pvp), fleet actions, STF. Also, these just sound fun to use.

Advanced Escort - multvecter assault mode

Fleet Escort - Concussive Isokinetic cannon 90 degree ark 4000 kinetic damage, -2500 all shields, 2 km AOE sphere; white/blue partical, fast moving (can not be shot down) 7 min cooldown;
+10 effectiveness on Hirogen; + 10 effectiveness on Borg; + 4000 kinetic damage, -2500 all shields to structures (turrets, shipyards, starbases)

Assault Cruiser- Colamite reflector- +1500 all shields; +10 shied power; reduced shield damage 20%; deflects torpedoes and energy weapons back at ship targeting user. 10 min cooldown

Star Cruser - Shield Inversion Beam- Absorbs shield power from target enemy and adds it to ships shield
to target - 2000 all shields; to self +2000 all shields ; 90 degree arh; 5 min cooldown

Luna - Remodulating Shield Disapater - to target -3000 all shields ; and AOE 1.5 km range - 20 all power levels, disable 2 sec; slow 10 sec; to self +1000 shields; +5 shield power; +5 engine power 90 degree arh; 10 min cooldown

Deep Space Science Vessel - Modulate Feet Shield Harmonics - to all allies in 3 km range +1500 all shields; +20 shields power; reduced shields damage 20%; over 30 seconds

Typhoon Class Battleship or Battlecruiser

Gravimetric shockwave warhead - detonates making a gravimetric shear for 15,000 kinetic damage over 5 km sphere AOE; 5 km AOE disable 3 seconds, -3.0 repel for .5 sec
must have quantum, trasphasic, chronation or tricobolt torpedoes equipped; 30% shield penetration
global cooldown with torpedoes for 60 seconds; 20 min cooldown;
+ 10,000 kinetic damage to structures (turrets, shipyards, starbases) Effects magnified * number of GSWs used in 5 km range. (yay teamwork!)
Neutralizes omega molecules.

This could be introduced with omega molecule storyline in a featured episode series along with the playable Typhoon class.

What do you all think?