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08-07-2011, 10:14 PM
I think they player numbers are low due to lack of content on the kling side. If they had more cool exclusive content I would play one. The BoP, T5 ships, and hellspwn are almost enough, but they need more story missions. But lets be fair here they have added a lot more content over time. They just have a ways to go yet.

In season five or six once they work on the endgame content and the territory control game it will give the factions and pvp a lot more bite. Once that happens I think people will be much more interested when they can raid federation worlds and actually have it mean something.

Eventually, I could see the war ending after the Romulan faction is added (I know I know Cyptic can't handle two factions) and have the three reform an alliance to fight back the end game enemy borg/8472/Iconians.

I wouldn't mind watching waves of Warbirds, Carriers, and Assault Cruisers take on a fleet of Iconian ships.