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# 1 ship sizing proportions
08-08-2011, 12:45 AM

Just wanted to note that someone in cryptic should take a look to ship sizes. Some of them have strange size compared to other smaller or bigger ships.

The best example is an excelsior compared to a delta shuttle. The Exceslsior is suposed to carry 750 ppl. If thats is true the delta flyer should carry around 80 ppl accordig to its size. Its like 1/6 more or less of the excelsior size, and that doesnt make sense for a shuttle that its suposed to be smaller than a runabout which is about 14m long. The size of the delta is like double the size of the excelsior shuttle bay.....

I know this is not a major issue but shuttles should probably be reduced in size to be proportional to the bigger ships.