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08-08-2011, 01:14 AM
I do agree that the KDF needs lots of love. If Cryptic does not do something to help balance the scales of inequality in both content and benefits to the Klingon's we are going to lose more of the Klingon's I believe. And... all these new Fed ships are coming out with awesome new consoles that give a tremendous benefit to the Feds... what has the KDF received?

I think this is a great idea... but as another poster commented, its not the issue of inspiration but time and money to develop the content.

My thoughts are that if the KDF does not get a serious boost to their game soon, and if some of those promises made are not kept, we are going to continue to see STO move away from a 2 faction game to a single faction game with mostly all pve... which I personally think would be a shame.

Please Cryptic ... DO SOMETHING for the KDF... and I don't mean a bandaid on a gaping wound... I think you should consider suspending some of the work being done on new stuff for the FEDS... ships and such... and put out some quality stuff for the KDF!