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08-08-2011, 02:47 AM
Well the KDF is obviously fighting the true way... and bonding with the Dominion friendly troups is nothing I can see the Klingons do (after all, after that "little" genozide its nothing I see cardassians do, still they actually DO it in the game).

I still would prefer to see that faction system to be removed and the KDF to be made a Federation subfaction (IN A GOOD WAY), just like the ROMs and Cardis (since BOTH of them already have parts that are allied, or at least have good relationships with the Federation)

But IF they insist on that awfull Faction system... then the OPs suggestion is the logical thing to do (bascily, they should do the same with the ROMs) since the last thing we need is a second (or third) faction without players and content.