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08-08-2011, 08:43 AM
For those who condone changing SNB to just remove currents buffs; How effective do you believe this skill would be against tanks? Somehow, I don't think that simply removing current buffs will be enough to swing the tide.

So fine, you kill my primary buffs, and so I just use my secondaries and heals instead and still ride it out. What next? If you cannot prevent me from immediately re-tanking, then the skill becomes pointless, IMO.
Even with the current mechanics of SNB, there are still plently of occasions when the skill is ineffective in that they still have plently skills left to cycle, or gets wiped by ST, which is quite common.

As far as a good team is concerned, all SNB does do is clear buffs, because no competent team will allow it to linger on a player for the duration, it will get cleared with ST. It is no longer an ability you can just spam willy nilly as an I WIN, you have to take consideration as to when it is appropriate to use. As such, I think it is fine as is.