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08-08-2011, 10:14 AM
[quote=JJ_McQuade]My problem is, that my Orion charatcer cannot leave the Halls of Qo'Nos. Whenever I try to get out, no matter if I want to use the door to the courtyard, or beam up to my ship, the game shoots me to the loginscreen with the message: "Couldn't transfer character".

I also have this problem. I am stuck on DS9, I can move about on the station and play dabo, etc but I can't beam to my ship. I get the "Couldn't transfer character" message and get kicked from the game. I noticed something wierd when I beamed down, it was kind of like I lagged at the moment of beam down and my ship may have lag moved out of range of the station, hence being out of range of transport and unable to transfer character. I've put in two tickets, one bs "resolved" and another that hasn't been addressed for four days now. Very frustrating.

Did finally get un-stranded. Got a fleet member to beam me to his bridge, beamed back down to ds9 and that fixed whatever the bug was and was able to get back onto my ship. Friggin bugs are annoying and ZERO help with Cryptic support. However, despite the bugs, the gameplay is still too good to stop playing the game, so just gotta trial and error your way around the programming issues, helps to have fleet and friends to assist you.