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08-08-2011, 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by Chugster View Post
anyone have pics of the other skins separated? would love to see the Heph all split up

oh and just to check, when you buy a MVAM, you get the prommie can you change that skin or do you have to add the MVAM skill to an AE?
That is the second time I've seen that question, and hopefully this time I will get around to answering it. Yes, I have some screenshots of all variants separated, and I'll try to get around to posting them.

When you purchase the MVAM in the C-Store, you get a complete ship, with a slightly different BO arrangement from the RA level ship. (Both are Tier 5, but one's RA and one's VA) This ship, like the original, is bought with Prometheus selected, but you can go into the tailor and select either Cerberus or Phoenix.

The Hephaestus skin must be bought from the C-store, but it is then, (AFAIK) available to both.