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08-08-2011, 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by Artificialx
For those who condone changing SNB to just remove currents buffs; How effective do you believe this skill would be against tanks? Somehow, I don't think that simply removing current buffs will be enough to swing the tide.

So fine, you kill my primary buffs, and so I just use my secondaries and heals instead and still ride it out. What next? If you cannot prevent me from immediately re-tanking, then the skill becomes pointless, IMO.
You know, this is pretty much what happens right now when I fly a "tanky" ship. Simply because the power I hold in reserve are not on cooldown anyway.

It might work better if SNB came with a 5 second stun-like effect instead. Then Everyone would have the same problem with it, no matter how many reserves you have.