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08-08-2011, 03:06 PM
I did lieutenant to captain in a Peregrine fighter. It wasn't so bad. I actually think the game is far more balanced when death is an actual possibility during regular play.

That said, here are some tactics that might help:

1. Hit and run: Go in, do as much damage as you can and when your shields are dropping or you're taking too much damage, pop evasive maneuvers and get out of weapons range to heal and wait for cool downs to reset. Then go back in for more damage.

2. Keep 'em separated: In some missions you'll come up against mixed npc encounters (a cruiser and a couple frigates for example). When this happens, pop evasive maneuvers and kite the faster ships out of range of the slower bigger ship. Then take them out and kite the cruiser around until you're ready to take it on.

3. Stick to a single facing: If you're blasting away at an enemy cruiser's port shield and they turn away from you, get back on that side as fast as you can. In a shuttle it's really easy to out-maneuver your larger targets, but escorts and science vessels can be a bit tricky. Use evasive maneuvers or an engine battery to get you where you need to go.

That said, playing in shuttle or T1 ship can be a ton of fun but it's not for those that don't like a challenge. The nice thing is that you'll save a lot of EC from not having so much to upgrade each time you rank up.