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08-08-2011, 05:15 PM
Originally Posted by Captain Zebular
I understand this, being able not to turn as well in Warp.. however I do not think that the scale of sector space matches the extremely slow turn rate experienced there.

If turn rate remains this way in sector space, then when the auto-course calls for a turn of more than 160 degrees, the ship should drop to .1 warp to make the turn. Not go by what System Space calls for a good speed for turning (1/2 impulse which is warp 5 in sector), since they are two separate fields with their own turn rate settings.
Now I do agree with that.

Although if you was in command of your vessel and not on auto pilot/"set a course command" you can do just that so if your feeling lazy and set a course can you really complain about what the computer does?

I sometimes fly at warp 1 or 2 manually OR "set a course command" just so sector space feels allot bigger and at those speeds even when I set a course it turns just as well.

But good point either way