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08-09-2011, 03:57 AM
You can simply this some more,

how about:

Tiers are gone. Instead you have generations, you start the game with a generation 0 ship, your training vessel whatever. After the tutorial you then get assigned your first actual ship, generation 1.
Generation here means developement progress, nx-1 is a gen 0 ship, conny would be 1, refit conny2, ambssador 3, gal 4, sovy 5 for example.

So now you are in command of your ship and rank up, you get the choice of switching to a newer ship design, higher generation, or upgrade your current ship with newer tech, raise its generation. Each generation raise costs more and more. merits, crafting materials etc. This should balance out gen1 ships overflowing end level games, unless the player really wants that ship and nothing else. like +1gen costs normal, +2 costs 2x, +3 4time, +4 costs8 times as much.