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08-09-2011, 05:44 AM
Originally Posted by D.STEEL
Well if you think about it, if you was at warp 3 even 2 you wouldnt turn on a dime, you would swing wide. i think Cryptic is just trying to stay real to the physics of Star Trek. Now I know to some that is not efficient but it does add a bit of realism to the game.
Your point is well taken, but as someone else has stated before, sector space is basically a highly condensed clustered view of actual space. Systems are much much further apart than they are represented in sector space (hence taking mere minutes to reach the klingon border as opposed to days). Essentially, traveling in sector space is like looking at a giant map of the universe very zoomed out (while traveling much faster as well). From that viewpoint, every ship traveling even at max warp would look like it was turning on a dime. Given that, our ships in sector space should be able to make sharp turns in between even the closest of systems.

The weird thing is that ships used to turn a lot better in sector space. I think the devs had the same thought as you and made the change for aesthetic purposes. I think it's a wrong call (my aforementioned point) but I do believe your view is likely why they made the change in the first place.