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08-09-2011, 05:46 AM
Originally Posted by Lord-Ice
I just did the Kern system assault on my now Captain 8 (he leveled during the mission). 4 Starfleet ships guarding 5 Satellites. Every ship was a Battleship. 2 Noble-class, 1 Sovereign-class, and the typical Typhoon.

4 Battleships. 4 ships qualified to be level bosses.

Why was it so EASY?

I'm serious. Never did my shields drop below 80%. I've done the Pi Canis Sorties too many times. I've done the Deferi dailies so many times, that yesterday I vaporized a Chel Gret Cruiser and took basically no damage, because it took me less than 5 seconds to demolish him (This guy was my level, I was at Outpost 3). I batter down battleships, sear science vessels, and escort escorts to Gre'Thor. The Breen fall so pitifully easily too me, that I've gotten BORED tanking a Chel Gret and 3 Plesh Brek Frigates in the Kelvani Belt.

Cryptic, I implore you. Please, for the love of the Prophets, Agosoria, Q, and whatever OTHER Star Trek diety you can think of, find some spare time to engineer something more for the KDF to level on. There's a reason that only 18% of STO is in the KDF. We need CONTENT! Even if it's some extra story meat about the War (I plotted a really nice series where the KDF tried to ally with the Terran Empire, and another where they started pushing back into Romulan areas to outflank the Federation), it would be SOMETHING. Give us patrols in the sector blocks you gave us in S4. Something, please!

Content is FOOD, and we are STARVING! There's FAMINE on Qo'Nos! Please, HELP US (or, in Klingon, "bel QaH maH")!
I'm Torlek@Gunthaar, and I approve this message.