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08-09-2011, 07:10 AM
Originally Posted by BrokenMirror
It was lucky for me to get the targ pup, but now i cant use it. I think that feds should be able to use the targ pup and Klingons should be able to claim tribble riv, But only Aliens, Orion ect can use it. Its not fair to remove targ pups for those people who got it from a lucky Q drop -_-
Me to, I have raised this (and four other seperate issues) as a ticket, GM help request and posted in a thread similar to this as is now suggested but still no joy or response after a week or so. A few people say that there was a exploit or something in place that allowed people to get the Targ pup on fed side and Sehlat Cub on Klingon side during Q's 1 year celebration visit. All i know is that my one Fed char has a Targ that I used all the time and my Klingon had Sehlat that he kept hidden lol

I just want my targ back lol