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08-09-2011, 08:23 AM
Originally Posted by Munrock
Hi, I'm new.

I bought a month's subscription mainly to see what the foundry is like. I'm pretty sure everything I find I'm missing is already listed on a wish list somewhere, because it's really basic stuff. Anyway, some questions:

Map Dialogs - as in, the dialog trees that you place on a map, rather than on the story objectives flow chart:
Is there a way to initiate them more than once? From what I understand so far, you choose what component or objective activates them, and then when that component or objective is met/active/whatever, the dialog launches - and when completed, it stays complete and can't be reset/relaunched. With the ones that are hooked to NPC contacts, you can just talk to them again... but only the map-based ones are able to use the 'dialog reached' type conditionals on their buttons.

And why is the editor having us put dialog trees on the map? Does their physical location have any kind of effect?

Why is it that only the map-based dialog trees can have 'dialog reached' conditionals on their buttons?

Lastly, using these conditionals one could conceivably create multiple paths to completing an objective (by using dialogs as locks that can accept more than one type of key, and as the keys themselves). Are there any other methods for optional objectives that are recommended?
As to the main question, one way to initiate a dialog tree more than one is to click the box on the npc's general tab that says "has default text." That is a talk that can be had over and over again, and it can change according to triggers. The buttons and the responses of the npc can be hidden or visible depending on the trigger.

So you could make a character say something like "no, that's not what I need," as you go around the map trying to find what he wants. Then, when you completed the component or made the right dialogue choice with another character, etc., the npc's default text will change, continue, etc.

Is there something specific that you're trying to do?

Also, the location of the blue text bubbles doesn't seem to matter, but they are on the map to help with triggers, since all of the triggers have visual locations on the map.

I'm not sure why dialog prompt reached is only tied into the blue map based dialogs. Maybe they'll expand the functionality.