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08-09-2011, 09:19 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
This way, you would design it so that mission XP scales but content doesn't and you'd use have to use lower tier ships for lower tier mission replay.
You want to require players to change ships every time they play a certain level mission rescaling the XP, but not the enemies? I think adding a point system to control the use and number of pets (if there ever will be) is a great idea. However, telling Capt. Picard he needs to give up the Enterprise and use the Stargazer to fight the Gorn is not. I would much rather scale the enemies than need to change ships.

They already require player to give up ships they may like in order to be competitive in the next rank and to me this sounds worse. It just goes in the other direction for a double whammy. Perhaps I am misunderstanding how this will change the game.
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
I have to disagree with the costume idea. Each ship should have unique traits, and hopefully ones that isn't limited to consoles or BO slots.
Appearances options work fine in other games, they do not require changing equipment stats to implement. Nearly everything else in the game is customizable. The only real argument against appearance options (after looking at the way the game currently is) is during PVP, so players know what they are fighting and that makes sense.

The game does not have a coherent sense of what it is. It seems to want to be everyone's Star Trek. It has TOS, ENT, TNG Uniforms, a NX class T1 ship, Borg stuff hanging of every other ship, glowing TRON ships and you disagree with the costume idea in a Star Trek MMO that could be named STAR TREK HALLOWEEN ONLINE. There already are some costume ships available in game anyway.

Since there are many ideas are being thrown around and the Devs are all about adding new consoles to the game. How about a Ship upgrade system based on console slots. Each tier ship has a specific number of useable console slots. In order to upgrade a T2 ship to a T3 ship the player must acquire three different T3 upgrade consoles.

If I want a T2 Nova at T3
  • One T3 Tactical upgrade console = 1 Tac LT slot + 1 forward weapon slot.
  • One T3 Engineering upgrade console = 1 Eng Lt slot and increases hull strength.
  • One T3 Science upgrade console. = 1 Sci Lt and 1 ensign slot
There is a penalty (loss of a console slot) to upgrade a ship to the next tier. I am not sure there should be a penalty perhaps the console upgrades should add the appropriate number of console slots for the tier being upgraded. The ship keeps other basic stats like crew and turn rate. There is no real reason to upgrade T4 ships to T5 at the moment.