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# 1 Recon Science Vessel in PvP
08-09-2011, 12:49 PM
So here's my situation - I'm a tactical officer and I've pretty much made a star cruiser that does fairly well in PvP - not perfect, but it can usually hold its own.

Since I've pretty much done all I can with it, I decided to experiment with a new vessel, particularly something I haven't tried yet - a science vessel. I chose the Recon Science Vessel generally for the look of it, but fortune smiled on me in that it's the science vessel with the most weapons capabilities. So far so good, but the problem is that I'm having a hard time keeping it alive. Even in a Capture and Hold map where sometimes it'll go 1v1 in areas, the ship is having a hard time holding its own. I've gotten lucky once or twice, but even maxing out the DPS isn't helping if an escort sneaks up and rips through the shields.

Right now I'm trying to keep the strategy of the ship on disabling enemy vessels through viral matrix or target engines, then hitting them with a tyken's rift while they're disabled along with 2x dual phaser banks, quantum torpedoes, and three turrets from the back. I've tried all three sets in the hope of finding a combination that helps, but so far nothing.

As such, any recommendations people have for keeping an RSV alive while it's handicapped from the lack of a science officer in the Captain's chair?