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08-09-2011, 02:02 PM
When the Prometheus MVAM console was offered in the C-store, it looked like it might be a solution. This was something that could be applied to the existing RA ship, which would give it a special ability, making it competitive with VA ships and C-store bought RA ships. I really looked forward to the release, especially since I saw the potential to craft special consoles instead of buying them, and to release additional consoles for the other RA ships.

Unfortunately, when it came out, it was a whole new ship, with a new BO layout. While this was nice, it meant you were effectively buying a whole new ship for the ability to use the original ship as an alternative. And I admit it, I had hoped it would be available at RA level. There are C-store ships available at RA that have special abilities. It would be nice if the Prometheus had one as well.

OTOH, the precedent being set, it is certainly possible now for a VA level Sovereign, Luna, Hermes or one of the other RA level ships to get a VA version that includes a console usable in the original ship. While we might have to wait some time for such a ship, and might see more popular choices like the Sovereign being given priority, eventually there is some potential.

However, the Oberth and Rhode Island seem to suggest another direction. While the Prometheus's MVAM was only available to the Prometheus, both of these ships have consoles that are available to EVERY other ship in the game. This leads me to believe that perhaps the C-store may eventually be glutted with consoles that are not specific to any one ship, as with MVAM, but instead will become universal. You can certainly put such a console in a Sovereign, and that WOULD give it a special power. But that would not give it any preferred status over any other ship that can also make use of exactly the same console.

All in all, I don't think I find any of this very encouraging.