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08-09-2011, 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by Munrock
Hi, I'm new.

And why is the editor having us put dialog trees on the map? Does their physical location have any kind of effect?

Why is it that only the map-based dialog trees can have 'dialog reached' conditionals on their buttons?
Originally Posted by Kirkfat View Post
Also, the location of the blue text bubbles doesn't seem to matter, but they are on the map to help with triggers, since all of the triggers have visual locations on the map.

I'm not sure why dialog prompt reached is only tied into the blue map based dialogs. Maybe they'll expand the functionality.
Yeah, as Kirkfat says, when you place them on a map, they have slightly more trigger options than the ones you place in the story flowchart - because they have a map associated with them, you are able to pick objects from the map they are on to use as component complete triggers in the dialog prompts for example.

You also set the things to become visible or hidden with the component complete trigger and choosing the map bubble as the component. Because they are on the map, they are classified as objects, and hence you can pick them when it offers you a list of available components to use for the trigger.

I certainly hope that they plan to expand the new dialog prompt triggers to work with NPC dialogs and also the story flowchart dialogs. It seems a waste to just have them working with the map bubbles. We could do so much more if we could use any dialog prompts from the mission as triggers, even ones on other maps.