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08-09-2011, 04:55 PM
I think I know what's in your head man. But let's start here....

Sci ships aren't for the killing. They are for the setup for the kill. Even with a tac captain.

This can be done, but you gotta be way more proud of your healing numbers than how much damage you do. I'm at work so I only got a minute, but Damian (my main toon) has a recon sci that is a nasty shield tanker that provided light cmbat support and good disables. Here are some thoughts...

Your weapons layout should be 1 array front and back. 2 torps up font, and 2 mines in back. You will do a lot of kinetic and take out a lot of your targets crew this way. Go chroniton maybe for the movement debuff but I like the quantums.

Tachyon beam3 and charged particle burst3 are now tour best friends.

Science team 3 is like sci ship candy. You can heal yourself and buff offensive sci powers at the same time.

2 copies of TSS and 2 copies of HE. You are a tac, and you are squishy in every ship.

Directional facing control is 80% of the game. Sacrifice a HE or TSS for a tractor beam once you know you can survive, and watch your damage go up.

2 copies of epts. Forego RSP for the constant shield hardening buff.

Target subsystems all the time. Fire those torps all the time.

Tac fleet and FOMM help everyone on your team, not just you.

Um, I may have more but I gotta run.

Remember sci ships are support ships, no matter the captain.

See you on the battlefield.