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08-09-2011, 06:10 PM
Originally Posted by Sheepykins View Post
yeah thats what i was going to do unless i hated the free ship design like my nacells to go along the width of my ship, a-la voyager rather than behind on crappy struts.

I'm thinking with my 8slot ship, 4 turrents aft, dual beams or single phasers fore with a couple of torpedo launchers. use skills to rip down shields using my turrents and beams then possibly a missle salvo.

but plans often change lol and this might work well, or terribly.
I'm assuming you'd use a cruiser. That might not be the best build, the dual beams don't have a very wide firing arc, and high level cruisers have an abysmal turn rate. Single beams would be better, However, If you can manage to keep your enemy in your forward 90, then it could be quite a mean build.