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Originally Posted by thechromeknight View Post
USS Catalina (Exploration Cruiser formerly used by my Miranda)
It's where I come from. The SS Catalina is a big part of our history and the Miss Catalina boats were a series of wooden speedboats who also have their history in my hometown. There's only been VI as far as I know, but I could only use 2 characters for numbers, so I said, "hey... it's the future..."
Hence the 9 ;-)
see now this is why i created this post in the first place cus i love reading little stories like this..

and as for my other ships...

my cruiser when i hit captain will be named the

USS - Edward P Allis NCC-97580

cookie to people that know what company he created) and the only hint i will give is people that live in Texas will know the last name, and what company its from

and my sci vessels are named after scientific and astrological phenomena

USS- Nucleon NCC-91818
USS- Blue Moon NCC-94655