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Originally Posted by blueyes77 View Post

Does anyone have good tip for using weapons/shields on light cruiser with level 10 difficulty for beginner, because i am getting killed all the time
errm you really should not be getting killed at level 10 on normal. are you sure its set to normal difficulty? are you sure you have equipped some shields? you can redistribute them using the HUD at the bottom of the screen, if one shield is getting low, divert the power to it by clicking on the arrow next to the shield quadrant. remember to use bo abilities like science team to regenerate your shields.
make sure your power is set to max on your weapons, again from the HUD down below so that you do more damage and destroy enemy ships faster.

you can always use the exchange to try and buy some better weapons. you are almost about tyo hit the next rank (in one level) so dont buy anything yet. wait until you get your next ship (escort, science or cruiser) and then try and buy some mark IV equipment.

Does "Star Trek : Infinite space" have better looking ships than in STO?
no, because that is a cgi trailer. the game is a browser based and will not look as good as sto.