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# 1 T1 NX-01 Bridge
08-10-2011, 02:15 AM
I have one request, Is it possible to get your bridge designers to put together a NX-01 bridge for the T1 Enterprise ? I am asking for it on one condition, Please do this in your spare time after the bugs are fixed and new mission content are added including the items specified by our PVP brethren. Like everyone else I would love to have it today, but I understand the time constraints with the coding of the programming.
I used to work in Semiconductors and helped get the line widths down to .12 micron which increased the speed and amount of memory on the chips that are in todays computers. We didn't perfect that design in a day some of it took years to perfect it. After that it took another 18 months to get all the processes downloaded and working properly in the Production Fabs.