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08-10-2011, 03:18 AM
Originally Posted by Galactrix View Post
We could do so much more if we could use any dialog prompts from the mission as triggers, even ones on other maps.
You mean you can't refer to dialogs from other maps in the same project?

I've been working on a project where the player's away team visits a damaged ship to help with repairs. Most of the repairs are optional, and you don't have time for them all. In the next space map, the player defends the repaired ship and events are influenced by what repairs were made.

I spent a good few hours rigging interdependencies in the dialogs and dancing around the system's limitations to make the first bit work, but it's all been pointless if the second map can't access the first map's dialog triggers.

I shoulda just made a scan 5, shoot 5 map.

Thanks for the help though, guys!