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08-10-2011, 05:14 AM
Sector Space is a lot more bearable when you get to RA or VA rank.
From there ypu can do the STF's to get the Borg kit (of which the engines allow for Warp 14 in sector space),
You can use emblems (or C-Store credits) to get the Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit, which has the ability to transwarp to almost any Sector Block.
You got to think of it as the distance you are travelling. Ff it takes 30 seconds to travel the distance light would take 5 years to travel, you are going very quick!
(technically you are not moving at all, space is moving around you. but that is a whole other discussion.)

For good weapons (and making good credits) i would recommend starting on crafting. It is a must have for end game in my opinion and you can always craft items to sell on the exchange for some cash.

Off topic, but speaking of Sector Space, when trade ships (like the S.S. Azura) go to warp in sector space, what is going on there? Going to warp while at warp seems strange.