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yeah, but no.

The tier system works fine folks. Let me express, direct from Logan and Dan why the tier system is set how it is.

"Wolf in sheep's clothing"

our hero's did a great job in the ships they had vs the same type of ships equal to them and a small part above them. In game terms the tier ranking system will keep the "wolf in sheeps clothing" from being exploited. Like that or not it has been express many many times, even to the point WishStone herself spelled it out for folks and just said "no", that they dont know how else to state it.

Sure the idea is a great one, prob is, in game it would be impossible to enforce or to keep the "wolf in sheeps clothing" from appearing. T5 connie running amok with the armor and firepower of a Sovvy? no, no, no, a thousand times no team.

Folks tell me I'd love to have my connie as a T5, or my Nova, or X ship. I point out to them, hey those exist already, the Connie is called the Sovereign, the Nova is called the Intrepid, etc, so forth. Like it or not, this just opens a huge can of worms that has been discussed to death folks.

While I myself do not agree with some ships in the tier structure and in their placement, Having an open tier structure is not how the combat mechanic is set, and having a complete overhaul of it isn't an appeasing idea.

I can run any ship as a VA/LG (on my multiple characters) but to turn what we have now up on its ear and shake it? I would rather not.

Even if we are talking holograms of those ships we love so much, still for the game itself I still have to say no, i would be completely against it, simply due to the two facts
  • Wolf in sheep's clothing
  • complete overhaul in space combat mechanic.

Hey, you dont have to agree, and some of the thoughts presented here are great unto themselves. However we still have to play in the sandbox, and that means the tier structure is the best way to keep ships straighten out. Each game has that tier structure, yes even EVE, why do you think they call some "support" and others Battleships? that is a tier structure.

If you want to fly the nova or any other low level tier ship, hey cool, wear it out, but understand the tier structure itself is the limiting line that defines those ships in this game and its abilities.