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08-10-2011, 09:30 AM
OMG are you freakin serious ... Players with real talent dont even use them at all .... Its an unfair advantge expecially when they are being spammed ... I find it lame that 1 weapon can make a difference to the extent that these Peng torpedoes have... Yeah I know Feds are all for them because now a player that has little or no skill can take out a person with skill... Which is lame as hell... I also know klingons say repeatedly myself included that they are a weapon that is unfair to them ... I also know that several of you fed guys will address what I just said and you will be all for them ... But what if klingons had them and feds didnt ... then this whole thing would be twisted around and it would be feds crying about how unfair it was... The real problem is Atari/Cryptic for even letting 1 side have them and not the other... I am all about an equal playing field... I think feds should be able to have carriers also ..... I personally wont use the Hargh peng torpedo on my fed toons because like I said its lame to exploit what I consider an unfair advantage and I dont need that to show that I am a good player