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08-10-2011, 09:58 AM
Originally Posted by Munrock
Thanks, I'll take a look.

So the foundry doesn't support import/export and Cryptic doesn't endorse a third party tool that does?

I don't blame them. I bet there's a corporate I.P. lawyer in there somewhere nailing their hands to their desks.
right, although they never made a direct statement on it, if I remember correctly.

What is frustrating is that they also never really recognized the need to create a simple tool like this for foundry authors. All we need is something saves a map as a file, and when the file is loaded, it tells the foundry, "hey load these specific items from the library with these specific coordinates and values."

I can't see how making a tool like that is complicated.

Anyways, we're instead making spreadsheets and pdfs for sets, like a sickbay.