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08-10-2011, 01:35 PM
I have had this type of problem now for better than two weeks. Started about the time Season 4 came out, but also at the time my Firewall SW was Up-Graded to the newest version.

I would first Time Out on the Game Server each time I tried to enter a mission. (any Loading Screen)
After the initial Time Out on GS, it would Time Out on the Log In Server.
Any Attempt to Log In quickly would then be met with Time Out on the Account Server.

I have Bounced back and forth between CS at Cryptic, (They have been great, [to me anyway]), and the CS at my FW Provider.

Today, I turned off my Provider FW, and Turned on the Windows FW. When I started the game, I had to minimize it to click on the Allow Button ONCE, and was able to play freely again after that.

My suggestion for being Timed Out is to start with Firewall Permissions.